Black and White, Not in Vain

We didn’t invent the present, We’re only reliving the past; Nothing we do today is A vote that’s never been cast. Life is all about growing, Not looking back with remorse; We’ll apologize once for our sins, We will not rehash them once more. We didn’t choose the future, and had Nothing to do with the past; why Second guess the sins of our fathers; … Continue reading Black and White, Not in Vain

My Family

My Family My family’s thread is long and unbroken and woven into the fabric of America. Penningtons, Gillards, Peaveys, and Campbells, Strands, Thoresons, and Tollefsons emigrated from nations in Europe, settled America, tilled her soil, fed her people, sent sons and husbands and brothers to fight America’s wars, worked in her factories, and helped make her a great nation. The blood of brave men and … Continue reading My Family

Lives, Like Vines

Flying across this land, greeting the coming dawn, Far below a network of highways, Homes, rivers and byways, Cars, trucks, and trains rolling on and on. People down there moving about, specks like ants fretting, Purpose in each, What? Out of reach, Lives, like vines, strands sprouting and spreading. I think of my own people, homes left behind, Covered wagons filled, Treasures of life’s yield, The … Continue reading Lives, Like Vines