February 7th 2018 — Writing from poetry with a small p.

By Stephen McGuinness Hanging yellow smoke, Remnant of blue coal Fire, retreats, yields ground To offered stars, becoming Magnificent in abundance. Time, slowed with motion, Allows a reluctant sun, Lazy with sleep, to Couple with a blind, Impatient world. Warmed colours run, then, Easily into one another. Streaks of glaring light Shower brazen stripes Over bleached winter streets Burdened with yawned Traffic, ploughing heavily Towards … Continue reading February 7th 2018 — Writing from poetry with a small p.


absolution hmmm hhuhhh hmmm hhuhhh bundled and warm     cold crisp air     stings with each inbreath hmmm hhuhhh tears drawn away by the cold     or are they hmmm hhuhhh hmmm hhuhhh muffled     but heightened     as within the confessional     silence descends as Nature dons her alb hmmm hhuhhh a puff of warm air     echoing     as through a long narrow cylinder  … Continue reading Absolution


Spurned When Spring’s hope fills the air, the rose opens with grace and a fragrant sigh. Warm flesh greets ice-cold metal and gives way to metal’s pointed sting. The space between heartbeats is silent but my ears ring with a terrible din. Crystal speckles dot the space between my eyes and the hardness before me. In Winter, the rose retreats into itself to await the … Continue reading Spurned

Chilly Willy

Winter appears to have returned with a vengeance over the weekend. The high in Southern Maryland yesterday was forty-three degrees, and may reach thirty-four today. I’m not one to complain about the cold (except for a cold seat-of-ease; don’t they make heated ones?), and believe temperatures this cold should be accompanied by snow. My northern friends may cast eye darts at me, but I don’t … Continue reading Chilly Willy