Time to Write and Word Count, by Anna Dobritt — Author

Reblogged from Anna Dobritt – Author   Time to Write and Word Count No matter your mood, you need to keep those creative juices flowing. Like exercise is good for the body, writing every day is an exercise for your mind. This means you need to sit at the keyboard or pick up a pen and put something down. Set a goal […] via Time to … Continue reading Time to Write and Word Count, by Anna Dobritt — Author

1984 Redux

1984 came and left; people wondered at the commotion. As it turned out, 1984 was only a prophecy of the brave new world to come, an inferno that we’re entering now. We wanted a republic, but we’ve built an animal farm ruled by self-righteous pickpockets in a world where the temperature creeps ever closer to Fahrenheit 451, a degree of oppression not yet witnessed in … Continue reading 1984 Redux


We worked at Busch Gardens and saw each other often at the Festhaus. Freyja enchanted me from the beginning. Twenty years old, short blonde hair, bright blue eyes, pale skin, red lips, cherry cheeks: a petite Teutonic Goddess. Freyja worked as a server, while I delivered food and dry goods from the food service warehouse. We were on smiling terms but not much else, although she seemed … Continue reading Revelation