Writing Exercise 2, Activate Your Writing – No To Be Verbs

Susanna’s sudden death hit me hard, a terrible blow that left me stunned and grief-stricken, forever in love with a delicate, elfin-like woman whose memory would fill my thoughts during sentimental moments of repose. The almost saint-like image of her raven-headed beauty and parchment-white skin that dazzled me as much as the smile that graced her rose-kissed lips, would remain fresh in my mind as a vivid memory of the love that sprouted from a chance encounter during a short, cool, crisp autumn trip to Barcelona, Spain two years before she died. A fantastic thrill of magic tingled along my spine when our hands touched as we reached together for the same apple nestled among a hundred other apples in the wooden box on the cheerful street vendor’s horse-drawn cart. The look on Susanna’s lovely, angelic face told me she felt something startling, too. Her coy glance, and lowered eyes, green beneath long lashes, gave me hope that we might have more than a few words together. I drew the small red apple from the box on the cart and offered it to this beautiful woman who placed it in her handbag and, smiling, said “Gracias.”

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