Writing Exercise 5, Commas

Why she – my wife – holds me responsible for missing her hair appointment, when the fault is entirely her own for scheduling it so close to my sister’s (who I had not seen since another sister’s funeral in 2012) flight departure time (which, by the way, she knew three weeks ahead of time) is beyond me, and completely unreasonable on her part, as well as unfair since I could not have known Saturday traffic on the beltway would be so heavy and congested; congestion so avoidable that, had she gone along to the airport with me, we would have made the appointment since the route to the salon lays so much closer than the route home, and the number of cars on Maryland Route 5 is twice as, no, much less than the number of cars, trucks, busses, motorcycles, police cars, sheriff’s deputies, highway patrolmen, and lunatics as on Route 4, otherwise known as Pennsylvania Avenue. Damn it: it’s only goddamn hair.

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