Writing Exercise 7, Emote: Smell, Taste, or Feel

I trembled as I reached for Susanna, my Spanish Madonna, and touched her hip. My palm pressed against her soft, smooth, white flesh and her warmth spread over me until my face flushed and the burn of rising excitement engulfed me. I rubbed my hand across her shoulder and trilled my fingertips along her spine, raising goosebumps from her skin and causing her to shiver. My hand lingered along her side, caressed her hip, and pressed into the small of her back bringing her body close, so close her bones ground against mine and my sweat mingled with hers. She trembled and breathed out, her warm, fresh breath billowing into my face and nostrils, pulsing through the veins in my head until my temples throbbed. I inhaled her skin’s musky fragrance of lilac and rose and gardenia, and the hairs on my neck lifted as a wave of sobbing, intense passion wracked my frame and overwhelmed me. I shook as I brushed my fingers across her upper lip and she kissed them still as they wiped away tiny beads of glistening sweat. My angel’s emerald eyes, framed by her perfect oval porcelain-white face and raven-black hair that reflected a billion of midnight stars, held mine, unwavering, unblinking, penetrating. I pressed my lips to her silk-black eyebrows and kissed her forehead. I felt her fingers brush my chest and tickle along my stomach, then move down and hold me close. The smooth roundness of her body filled my hands as her breasts pressed into my flesh, and I pressed my fingers into and between her buttocks, a cloud of intense, animal desire washing over me for this fragile, elfin-like, sprite of a woman. I shuddered and she shuddered and our lips met in a passionate expression of yearning, pressing hard together as we gave in to the desire to possess each other, to become each other, to be inside one another, to become one person. A trembling and I felt Susanna surround me as I became entwined within her, and our souls met as our hearts had met, and two spirits of pure love enmeshed one in the other as physical love bound us together and a simultaneous coming together transformed forever.

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