Writing Exercise 10, Bringing It All Together

He turned as she walked in from the kitchen. “I’m leaving Spain. I’ll be away for a year.”

“I know. You told me you wouldn’t be here forever.” She rested her cheek against his shoulder and ran her fingers along his shirt buttons.

“I don’t want to leave you. You’ve made this a home for us, a place I feel comfortable.” The curtains billowed on the sea breeze and blew her hair into her eyes. He brushed the hair away with his finger tip, drawing it across her forehead, and along her cheek.

She turned and faced him, leaning back to look up into his eyes. “It won’t be the same without you.” She pressed her face to his chest.

“Hey there, don’t cry.” He dabbed at her eyes with his finger. “Oh, sweetheart; I’ll wake up every morning at five and feel you next to me seven thousand miles away.”

“That didn’t help; I need a Kleenex.” She fumbled for a tissue in her apron pocket. “I’m going to set my clock to yours so we wake up together.”

A smile played across his lips. “You won’t return to Barcelona? You’ll stay here?”

“Yes. I’ll wait for your return.”

“I’m glad. You make me so happy, you know, staying here while I’m away. I love our little bungalow. I wish we could stay here forever.” He drew her to him.

“Forever is a long time.”

“Forever isn’t long enough for me to love you, Susanna.”

She took his hands and raised them to her lips. “I’ll love you beyond forever, William.”

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