200 Words (or so) “Why I Write” Guest Post by Anna Dobritt

I write to keep my sanity, to keep going day to day. It’s like an addiction, but helps to quiet my mind and keep the demons at bay. They love to lurk in the dark corners, waiting to pull me down with them, but the words I type build a wall between them and me. The more words, the stronger the wall. Sure, there are cracks in the wall, no one is perfect. But those cracks serve as a reminder that I’m human, as we all are. Writing gives me freedom to stretch my imagination, create new people and places for them to live. No, I don’t have a god complex, but I find this fun. Giving the characters difficult problems to solve to reach their goals is an enjoyable way to spend one’s time.

Please read more of Anna’s writing at: https://amdobritt.wordpress.com

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