1984 Redux

1984 came and left; people wondered at the hullabaloo. As it turned out, 1984 was only a prophecy of the brave new world to come, an inferno that we’re entering now.

We wanted a republic, but we’ve built an animal farm ruled by self-righteous pickpockets in a world where the temperature creeps ever closer to Fahrenheit 451, a degree of oppression not yet witnessed in this world, and a metamorphosis that will render every freedom-loving person a plague, whose every personal choice becomes crime, and punishment is meted out from those possessing a heart of darkness, a world where fear and loathing replace hope and love.

I fear for whom the bell tolls: it tolls for thee, and me.

5 thoughts on “1984 Redux

  1. First of all, awesome. Second, here’s a list of authors you alluded to: Orwell (1984), Huxley (Brave New World), Dante (Inferno), Plato (The Republic), Orwell again (Animal Farm), Bradbury(Farenheit 451), Kafka (Metamorphosis), Camus (The Plague), Dostoevsky (Crime and Punishment) very clever by the way, Conrad (Heart of Darkness), Thompson (Fear and Loathing). I’m really impressed. Please let me know if I missed anyone. Dude. Awesome.

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  2. I began with the last line. I had read Donne’s poem, and 1984 recently. The two had such a connection to me that the rest flowed rather quickly. You’re the second person to pick up on the theme 😀


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