200 Words (or so) Guest Post “Dreams” by Stephanie Vichinsky

Everyone hopes. Everyone wishes. Everyone dreams of something better. It’s human nature to fight for the best version of yourself–for your children, for your spouses, for your mothers and fathers and friends, but no one tells you what it takes to be the best for YOU.
Dreams keep you awake at night. They haunt you. They break you whenever you think you’re strong enough to continue alone. They dish out highs and lows, and you have no control because you’re determined to follow wherever they lead. They smother your life in obstacles, and through it all, you have to learn that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH.
Dreams are your greatest adversary. They’re smarter, faster, and disappear as quickly as they materialize. You have to have the courage to be better than your dreams, to push harder, to last longer, to think faster. You’re not fighting for dreams; you’re fighting for yourself, and the first step of the journey is accepting that having dreams is the hardest thing you’ll ever do.


Please visit Stephanie’s page on Facebook to read more of her wonderful work: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stephanie-Vichinsky-Author/1414765962101433?fref=ts

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