In The Warm Embrace Of A Pouring Rain.

Dark and black, the sky
Opened as we walked,
Thunder and lightning,
We held hands, and
Looked for shelter
As we ran,
We laughed, and
Your smile showed the way
In the pouring rain.

Your laughter, thrilled
Me with its song; a
Shake of your head sent
Wet notes of happiness
Arcing, from your long
Black hair rainbows of
Joy splashed me, and
I said, hey you,
You laughed, and
Ran ahead,
In the pouring rain.

I ran after, catching
Your hand you squealed, and
I spun you round and
Round and
Round into my arms, a
Pirouette of spinning web,
You captured me,
In the pouring rain.

And stopped we then,
Surrounded by quiet,
Amid thunder and
Pouring rain
I saw you clear, and
My heart leapt, a great
Constriction in my throat
The way you looked at me,
In the pouring rain.

Your wet hair swept,
Over your eyes and
I brushed it away and said
Hey you, and you said
Hey you, and I said,
I love you, and you said,
I love you more, I
Kissed raindrops from your nose,
And together soaked we stood, close
In the pouring rain,
In the warm embrace of a pouring rain.

7 thoughts on “In The Warm Embrace Of A Pouring Rain.

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