He Gazed Upon The Sweetest Rose

He gazed upon the sweetest rose;
Sensuous flower’s form and feature
Arousing finger, eye, and nose;
Concupiscent, God’s mortal creature.

He breathed o’er bed of planted seed;
Halo’d the mound of petaled glory
Caressed in skin of purest thread;
Morning’s dew tells nighttime’s story.

I cherished heartbeat’s fertile bloom;
Nourished within earth’s warmest soil,
Blushing bride from gift of groom;
Parturient glow love’s beauty royal.

I count one petal new each year;
Let no one put betrothed asunder,
Strong with spirit full and pure;
Affirmation of love’s splendor.

2 thoughts on “He Gazed Upon The Sweetest Rose

  1. ‘let no one put betrothed asunder.’ I like that line it relates to my book, ‘the son of Nepal.’ Great poem
    ‘Sensuous flower’s form and feature’- that’s nice


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