Was Mary a Virgin?

Amen, Mitch.

Mitch Teemley


My first semester of college I took a lecture hall class called Folklore and Mythology from Dr. Glickman, a rock star educator if there ever was one. At the start of each session, 350 students would hush as Dr. G entered, wind from nowhere ruffling his graying fringe. “A myth is something that cannot be proven,” Dr. G proclaimed, “therefore this class is about everything!”

The biggest myth of all, according to Dr. G, was Christianity, especially the myth of Jesus’ divine birth. So right before Christmas (oops, “Holiday”) Break, he treated us to a spiritual debunking:

For centuries, he said, the Church had taught that Jesus was divine—due almost entirely to the mistranslation of a single word! They’d translated the Hebrew word almah (in Isaiah 7:14) and its Greek equivalent parthenos (in Matthew 1:23) as “virgin,” when, in fact, the words simply meant “young woman.” Thunderous applause rewarded the stately…

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2 thoughts on “Was Mary a Virgin?

  1. This was a very good post, Will, and well worth the read. Whether people believe in it or not, it’s amazing how many people have tried to disprove/debunk the virgin birth. To believe that the professor use one word to try and disprove it and he was entirely wrong, but everyone gave him a standing ovation, lol.
    It’s crazy today how many people don’t want to pick up a book or paper and read as we would rather someone else make a film or presentation etc and tell us about the information according to their own interpretation.
    Reading is very important, and keeps you informed, even down to reading fiction has its place in the discovery of knowledge, because sometimes the Authors are trying to get something to you by ways of a parable or a riddle.

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