Susanna Avila VII

Yes, Susanna?
Why are people so angry?
Why are people so angry?
Yes. Why are people so angry?
Why do you ask, Susanna?
Because, William, I see angry people everywhere, and it hurts me.
How does it hurt you?
Anger hurts my heart.
Why does it hurt your heart?
Because anger gets in the way of love, William.
It does, Susanna?
Yes, William.
How does anger get in the way of love, Susanna?
Anger blinds people, William.
It closes their eyes to the good in others.
Anger blackens the heart.
Anger hardens the heart.
Anger closes the heart.
Anger makes us ill.
Anger turns us ugly.
Anger hides beauty.
Anger hides truth.
Anger makes us sad.
Anger turns us against one another.
Anger betrays friendship.
Anger leads to lies.
Anger leads to hate.
Hate harms our souls.
Hate makes our souls cry.
Hate makes others cry.
Hate hurts others.
Hate harms our children.
Hate frightens our children.
Hate turns our beautiful world into an ugly world.
Yes, William.
Slow down my love; don’t cry.
I’m sorry, William.
Don’t be, Susanna. You have a tender, loving heart.
Do I, William?
Yes, Susanna. If only more people loved the way you do, the world would be happy instead of sad.
Do angry people cry, William?
I suppose they do, Susanna.
Why do they cry, William?
Because they know anger is wrong, Susanna.
But they feel the need to fight back.
Because anger makes them feel superior.
Because anger deflects attention from their own character flaws.
Because anger feels like action.
Because they feel threatened.
Because anger hurts their hearts.
Because anger hurts their loved ones.
Because anger hurts their souls, Susanna.
Because they know their anger is wrong.
Because they are human.
Will the world ever be free of anger, William?
I don’t think so, Susanna.
That’s so sad, William.
Yes, Susanna.
I love you, William.
I love you so much, Susanna.

5 thoughts on “Susanna Avila VII

      1. There is so much in this piece, Will. I think “Because anger feels like action” is probably the most important line. In that, I think, you have come as close as you will to making sense of not only social media, but of much of what is happening in our world at the moment.

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