Crumpled Paper

I need to take up pen again,
Let words flow
From fingers
Like blood flows
From wounds.
I need to let pen’s nib
Bleed ink onto blank white sheet.

Forms thought
Forms words
Forms phrases
Informs life.


Crumpled paper litters my desk.

The keyboard is that friend
Who lives at work all day
Watching feet rush back and forth.

20 thoughts on “Crumpled Paper

  1. I love scribbling on paper! The words are often transcribed into more secure files on a laptop later, but they almost always start out on paper. Granted, I also have trouble reading them when I transcribe, but that is part of the fun of pen and ink! (and only use pens. Writing in pencil is horrid!!!)

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  2. Whenever my muses start singing I am not always ready to set my thoughts down on my PC via keyboard. So I am surrounded by journals, notepads, pens and slip of paper. Then once I am sure of my inspiration I find my fingers flying over the keyboard and I am ready to share with the world. As I read your excellent poem I had to smile because I know well the tale of crumbled paper.

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    1. We think much alike. I find the keyboard and screen less conducive to thoughtful writing. Staring at the screen seems to make me impatient. Writing a poem or story in longhand makes me slowdown, give more thought to what I want to say. It’s intimate, whereas typing is almost like work.
      Thank you for reading and commenting πŸ™‚


  3. Loved your poem…and just going through the rest of your works, Sir.
    I’ve taken the liberty to reblog your poem on my nascent blog…hope you don’t mind.
    Keep writing, keep inspiring!

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    1. It’s always an honor to be reblogged. I love to find things I know others will enjoy and reblog them. It’s kind of like having someone buy your book…not that I know what that feels like, yet! πŸ™‚

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