Character may falter, but forgiveness never forgets.

2 thoughts on “Character

  1. I like this. I’m not sure why, but I do. I would hope forgiveness at least doesn’t remember to the point forgiveness needs happened again. I was angry with someone for 23 years and forgot why. When I finally asked for forgiveness, it was a beautiful thing and we are very good friends again. The first part of this thought is the best part. Character does falter and I anticipate those hiccups may not become roadblocks.

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    1. The charismatic televangelist Jimmy Swaggart “faltered” three times. The first time, my mom forgave him. The second time, my mom…forgave him. The third time his tears failed to sway her. It’s really about repeating mistakes. Cheating on someone can be forgiven, but never forgotten. The forgiver hopes it’s over.

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