Love Lost

I thought until death do us part meant one of us would cry
At the loneliness we’d feel when our lover had just died;
I never thought it meant that the love we shared might fly,
That you’d run away from me instead of walking by my side.

I thought that love and marriage meant forever and a day;
How could I have known your love would someday fade away
That your love would die a little more with each passing day,
And your heart beat less excited each time I looked your way.

I couldn’t help the way I felt or the way I looked at you,
Your smile took my breath away, your beauty took me too;
The tenderness of your touch, and the magic in your look,
I thought the love between us had written the final book.

But the coldness of your shoulder chilled me to the bone,
The dislike in your eyes and the venom in your tone;
The way you turned your back on me and set yourself alone,
Left me no alternative but to leave you on your own.

Then I understood that’s what you’d wanted, for me to walk away,
To leave you feeling superior, feigning tears and pain;
To bow your shoulders and cry aloud, oh woe is me you could say,
Yes, I knew that’s what you wanted, the price I had to pay.

You peeled away the layers of the flower of our love,
The hues and variations, the cooing of the dove;
You threw away the love I’d given freely of my soul,
Heartbreak, tears, and anger, your awful final toll.

I didn’t know love wasn’t forever,
I didn’t know how love could die;
The way you told me in that letter
That your love for me had died.

7 thoughts on “Love Lost

  1. Will, its rainy and gloomy here right now. Also watching for Hurricane Irma. Read your poem and though beautiful, I was getting depressed.
    Give me a bright and lighter poem .
    You’re still so talented. Love you brother.

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  2. Enthralled! Your heart beats with mine at the remembrance of the lost of my first love, but! It all turned out to be to show me the way to, The Power Of Love And Wisdom From On High. Such power has descended upon me personally and permanently. It has Never Failed me. It has Always Availed me since upon me it descended.

    And so it is descending upon all as well as in me. And so it’s descending upon thee! Such is the purpose for your blog and mine. So glad you visited. So glad I visited. Don’t you think so? 🙂


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