I Praise You

I praise you
I praise you
Let me lie beside you
Let me lie beside you

I hear the song of your spirit
in the wind soughing past my ear;
I smell the scent that fills me
in the rose that is the vessel and
the blessed fragrance in your smile.

Your hair is trimmed in golden like
the leaves within the Bible,
and I read the gospel in your eyes,
while your voice sounds as the sermon
that fed the multitude of hungry souls.

You told me not to fear as you calmed
the tempest in my heart,
And I cast my line around you and
pulled you into my boat, the ferry
for the love with which you filled me.

You left impressions in my fingers,
whorls that press into your skin;
I want to touch the sainted virgin,
but I’m not worthy of feeling the spirit
that births the wisdom of God’s love.

On my knees I touched your garment,
on my knees you touched my eyes,
and your words were the grapes in the
sacred wine you poured upon my lips;
and the congregation sang your praises.

I know you like I know nothing,
I know you like I know God,
I’ve spoken in unknown tongues,
And raised my hands in praise to you,
No shame for the tears I shed into your palms.

I held the sparrow when I held you when
you whispered a breeze along my spine;
I beheld the truth that grew inside you
like a blaze of fiery glory when the sun
shined grace upon the eternal bond of us.

I praise you
I praise you
Let me lie beside you
Let me lie beside you.

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