But Darling

I’ve held the sparrow and I’ve held You
Like a wastrel I squandered what You gave me
Your hair trimmed in gold like leaves of the Bible
Your breath like the cooing of the dove.

I wasn’t looking for adventure
When I stumbled onto You
In my faltering way of seeking
The things I had no idea I needed.

I remember Your touch, Your first touch
The one that told me You wanted something,
And the Earth grew silent but for the water’s flow
And the curtains moved in our breeze.

And You came to me with such clarity
You are in me
And I praise you

Your doorknob is a puzzle
Your windows laugh at me
Every road is mud up to my knees
As I struggle to reach You
And You laugh at me
While I fumble and I fret
And You scrape Your finger across my brow and
Lick the sweat dripping there.

The sweat of forty days in Your wilderness
When You tempted me,
A child of the dust.

But Darling:
Before I knew God, I knew You.

Image: Jacob’s Battle with the Angel/Lutte de Jacob avec l’Ange, by Maurice Denis. Downloaded from http://www.abcgallery.com/D/denis/denis18.html

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