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All Life is precious. To march for the right to take life is inimical to healthy society and serves to continue the breakdown of the moral code that sustained human beings since they first learned to live together in groups. The ability to take life without penalty of law is the greatest evil ever perpetrated on civil society. Those who choose to take life in this manner are no less than murderers, maybe not in the eyes of the courts, but in the eyes of God.

The puppetmasters continue to pull the strings of the ignorant masses who are told they are marching for equal rights, for women’s rights, for human rights. How blind, how easily led, how easily fooled. There isn’t enough soap in the universe to cleanse those empty souls that would take the life of an unborn human.

Truly, Western Civilization has run its course.

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We are under savage attack from pro-choice and government to repeal the 8th.


For those unaware of what is happening in Ireland, there is a campaign to strip a group of Irish people of their human rights so that the strong can kill the weak. The 8th Amendment to the Irish Constitution prevents the killing of these people…

The State acknowledges the right to life of the unborn and, with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother, guarantees in its laws to respect, and, as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate that right.

The Irish people will vote on May 25th, 2018, to either protect their children or to begin their institutional oppression. It’s estimated that if this Constitutional protection is destroyed, 5,000 prenatal boys and girls will lose their lives to the barbaric practice of abortion every year in Ireland. The irony is that those who vote to repeal this law were once protected by it, but now that they’ve been safely born, they can easily place others at great risk of being harmed. That’s how oppression works.

Some want to repeal this human rights amendment so that they can live as they wish, even if that means killing their own sons and daughters. The world is awash in human abortion where over 1,000,000 human beings are killed every WEEK. Ireland is the last Western nation that rejects this epidemic of violence against the most defenseless members of our human family. If the 8th Amendment is repealed, the last remaining beacon of hope for a civilized world will be extinguished.


Every person on this Earth who believes every human should posses human rights must join the fight to hold on to this extraordinary legal protection for those awaiting their turn at birth. Will you be their voice?11-Weeks-Prenatal-Child

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9 thoughts on “On Life: What Does It Mean to Repeal the 8th? — cultureshift

  1. I used to feel this was cut and dried for me. Life is sacred. It still is, yet I cringe at telling people they have to do something. It is something I think about often and I’m very thankful I kept my first baby when he was unexpected and I was confronted with the choices.

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    1. It is cut and dried to me. I’m of the mind that it’s bewildering that we even have to tell people to do something. This is life we’re talking about. Granted, abortion has been around since we first realized we could stop a birth, but there were laws against it in every society until recent times.
      I debated whether to post this since I don’t engage in politics on my blog, but this just felt different.
      I’m glad you gave your son life.

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  2. I can understand your feelings but I am just as concerned with the child once it is born. We don’t follow through. Foster care can be awful and the children may never be loved. We can’t survive without love. We produce children with major problems if they have no one to bond with. The whole problem is not as easy and simple as we would like. Unless we are willing to take on the children and provide the life they deserve we will be negligent ourselves. Things are not as easy as you would like to believe.

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      1. Hopefully you don’t think so. I wish we would spend time and energy on finding ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies and solve the entire problem.


  3. I am ex-Catholic, but not ex-pro-life. I do not believe in taking the life of an unborn human, but this has to be believed on its own moral terms — not “in the eyes of God.” If this were a religious issue, there is no reason that atheists and agnostics should believe as you and I do. This is, and most be, a moral issue, regardless of whether or not one believes in God (which, just for the record, I do….but in the deistic God, not in the man-invented God of religions).

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  4. I know nobody, on either side of this debate, that is “pro-abortion”. Pro-choice is not pro-abortion. Some people are mature enough, have enough empathy, have enough humanity to know that abortion is sometimes regrettably, necessary in order to allow a woman to live. Others want to stick their fingers in their ears, close their eyes and chant “la la la….” pretending that the real world, with all of its ugliness, cruelty, discrimination, abuse and unfairness can be ignored until it goes someplace else, far away from the moral utopia they imagine they occupy.
    Abortion is necessary. It will remain necessary until the treatment of women and girls as the property, as the sexual playthings of men, subordinate beings, or more perversely, holy sanctified vessels for procreation, ceases. I don’t see that happening anytime soon, do you?
    Why does an unborn child deserve more rights than one already born? Every human has a right to life, but not at the expense of another human’s right to life, or health. Why should the unborn be given this extra right, denied to the born? Is it because of a perceived innocence bestowed on the unborn? Is it some vestige of guilt cast upon the mother for having indulged in sexual intercourse, maybe even (shhh….say it quietly) enjoying it? We have all heard of the tradition of “churching” a new mother, washing her clean of this sin. The father, it seems, carries no such sin, pre or post partum.
    We must be honest, brutally honest with ourselves. Abortion means the end of a potential human life. This can’t be denied or glossed over, but until the necessity for abortions is eradicated, until the objectification, the subjugation, the marginalisation of women and girls is tackled and defeated by those who choose to remain indifferent, abortion will be necessary and will continue to be sought legally or illegally, whether the 8th is retained or repealed.

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