Second Moms

No boy is raised by only one mom.


He’s raised by his friends’ moms too. Tampa Neighborhood Moms, 1968, Kay Walsh, Cherry Montgomery, Carol Haas, Mom, Ann White, sitting are Sally, John Walsh, Toni, Danny White

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my second moms.

25 thoughts on “Second Moms

  1. One of my son’s friends recently told me I was his second mom. I was so touched by his comment because he isn’t one to show affection or give compliments. Takes a village.

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  2. I love this so much. When my eldest was in Iraq, his friend was in army boot. His friend called ME during one of his free call times. I was so humbled and honored.

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  3. What a wonderful thought! I had a woman who I have looked up to as a second mom. She helped me through some pretty big stuff and was such a role model to me. When she died from cancer, her testimony was one that I always wish that I could live up to!

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    1. You’ll be that second mom someday to your daughter’s friends. You have a nice blog and a great story. Keep writing. Thank you for stopping by and commenting 🙂


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