Dear Artists, by Ana P. Rose

This post from Ana. P. Rose inspired me. Art is truth. Telling the truth is art. When the rejections roll in and it seems like nobody likes your story; when it seems like your work is going nowhere; when you feel like giving up and smashing the keyboard, remember you are an artist and you are writing the truth. Van Gogh’s success came only after he died; most famous novelists had hundreds of rejections and more than one wrote multiple books before one was accepted for publishing. But they all persevered, they didn’t give up. So, that’s my takeaway. Part of me wants to earn money to pay the bills, part of me loves to weave words into a story. I love the challenge of creating a word visual in peoples’ minds. And, of course, I’d like to leave something behind.

Remember what Ana P. Rose says:


©Ana P. Rose 2018

via Dear Artists, — Ana P. Rose

2 thoughts on “Dear Artists, by Ana P. Rose

  1. It’s True!!:D
    Though,Jesus was recognized as “Christ” after his death.
    Both art and feat might be recognized later.
    It is important to express passion by art ,within barely making a living.:D
    Surely, there are people who sympathize.
    It is not how many people,it is how deeply they empathize. 😀

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