Beelzebub – I Lost a Draft!

Somehow I’ve contrived to lose a draft post of a little over 200 words. It’s quite deflating to see a work of two months flushed away into WordlessPress Land and not know how it happened. When I left the draft yesterday evening I felt it was shaping up into something I would be ready to post this weekend. My six verses of lyrics titled “Shake My Faith” (lyrics only, I haven’t yet figured out to set lyrics to music using a recorder), were rather poignant and heartrending if I may say so. Not to toot my own recorder (really; you’re not ready for that kind of noise), but I thought the lyrics pretty catchy if a bit on the dark side of Ozzy’s moon.



Alas, a hiccup in the space-time continuum must have noticed the post lingering on the post-event horizon and nudged it into the path of a wandering, famished, slavering literary agent waving her black hole of a never-going-to-see-the-light-of-day eat me-basket. Cruel fate, how I loathe thee, and thine wretched, cruel sense of humor.

As usual with drafts, the work began as something entirely different from what I intended. I wanted to write a poem but began to see a song in it and had started toying with the refrain. It began to come together but it was late and I don’t work well on fewer than six hours of sleep (I know, write? Writers? Sleep? hahahahah

tenor (2)

Soooo, sometime between “OMG it’s way past bedtime,” and “Good God Almighty, I still have that many hours before quitting time?” all but 24 words disappeared. When I open “History,” only one revision shows – the original 24 words – back in April. What the? Who? Why? Help! Draft post thieves! Draft post thieves! I was ROBBED!Β I’d hook up with the WordPress help chat line but all I would say is:Β You’re a character in my next book. How do you want to die? Give me back my words. or else….LOL


14 thoughts on “Beelzebub – I Lost a Draft!

  1. I know the feeling. I’ve even had comments disappear into cyberspace when I hit SUBMIT (usually the ones I’ve spent 20-25 minutes on, trying to compose a thoughtful or witty reply). Aaaaargh!!!!

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  2. Your choice of graphics is entertaining for such a frustrating situation. I’ve been noticing that I lose words during my train of thought! Early dementia? Too much on the brain? ADHD? Ditziness?! All of the above?! Thanks for the funny story even though it brought internal tears.

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