Little Things

Feeding me shrimp from a paper cone
Throwing french fries at me across the table
Drinking my sangria
Picking green peas from my plate of fried rice.

Taking my hand as we stroll through town
Humming when words just won’t do
Caressing my stubble;
Leaning on me when cold seeps through her sweater.

Gazing at me with a quizzical look
Peering side-wise with that special gleam
Suppressing a laugh;
Shopping while I wait patiently outside Victoria’s Secret.

Goofy faces in the tiny photo booth
Resting her chin on top of my head
Making rabbit ears;
Kissing my cheek in the bright flash of the camera.

Brushing her teeth with my toothbrush
Soaping my hard-to-reach places,
Shaving me;
Kissing my back in the intimacy of the warm shower.

Pressing a cool washcloth to my burning forehead
Falling asleep holding my hand
Hot miso soup;
Holding my head while I’m sick all night.

Bringing iced tea while I mow in the hot sun
Picking pine cones out of the grass
Marshmallows on sticks;
Gushing over the beauty of our corner of Earth.

So many years of valleys and peaks
Many more years of walking hand-in-hand
Older each day;
Grayed temples worship her footsteps.

14 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. Absolutely beautiful Will. Your words became pictures, the pictures became emotions, the emotions became love, a love kindle and ignited in the graying temple of the heart.πŸ™πŸ™β€β€β€

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