Skipping Stones

I wish I could ride a skipping stone far and far across the sea
And skip ashore that distant land where flew the dreams I’d dreamed
I’d follow my dreams to where she lay dreaming my dreams of her
And wake her from deep slumber and gather her into me
To tell her how I’d longed for her but feared she were a dream
A dream I’d dreamed that traveled far, and far and far away

Oh I wish that I could travel far, and far and far away
I wish I could find her by the sea, waiting there for me
She’d kiss my cheek and smile and ask where had I been
She’d tell me she had flown to me skipping stones across the sea
And found me in deep slumber dreaming her dreams of me
She’d left me then alone to dream and set out for the sea
To scatter skipping stones around the shore for me to see

Oh I wish that I could travel far, and far and far away
And skip ashore the other side where I know that she would be
I’d wake her from her slumber and softly kiss her lips
She’d tell me how she’d missed me and dreaming dreams of me
And how she wished she could cross the sea on skipping stones to me

Oh I wish that we could travel far, and far and far away
We’d skip ashore some distant land sure we’d found our long lost dreams
We’d take our skipping stones along to scatter on the shore
For others dreaming dreams that flew to find and ride across the sea

I wish I could ride a skipping stone far and far across the sea
To find the dreams I’d dreamed before they flew away from me
I’d gather her into my arms and kiss her softly on her lips
I’d tell her now I’d found my dream and not to fly away
No more skipping stones for us to ride far and far across the sea
The dream I’d dreamed that flew away had flown back home to me.

18 thoughts on “Skipping Stones

  1. Well, this is an immediate new favorite, and the one you should get your musician friends to see through, in my biased opinion. (: I LOVE what you’ve done to skipping stones and will never see them the same again. I’ve never been to a rocky shore but would find it enchanting. (I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago but am on the Emerald Coast currently.) I I love the way the story unfolds and ends. I saw it all in my mind vividly and the images moved me so: so dreamy, magical, fantastical, nautical, romantic. I love EVERY SINGLE THING about this so much. More than any song or poem I can recall at the moment. Very fitting morning finale to our apparent love theme commentary for today and a testament to your creative geniusness (like how is that not a word?) I have such a creative mind that it astounds me when someone takes me to even more magical places I didn’t know existed. Exciting. Humbling. I’m blessed to have your words live in me.

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    1. Well, you’re pretty awesome 🙂 I’m glad you like this; it’s one of my favorites. I intended it to be lyrical. I only wish I were a musician so I could set to music. I love the sand of the Emerald Coast beaches. I went to Navy Knife and Fork school at P-Cola and spent some great weekends at the beach. But, I love rocky shores and fell in love with Maine when I was first stationed there. But for skipping stone shores, Moosehead Lake can’t be beat. I have to make sure though, I’m not skipping an arrowhead into the water. I can’t wait for September and my next trip north.
      Now, I need to set aside some writing time this weekend and feed the beast; words have been building up all week and need released 🙂

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      1. Hey, it can’t be lunchtime for you yet. (: Boy, do I know about that build-up. I’ve been playing all week, though, and need to get to those student papers I haven’t touched since I discovered you. I took down my haibun from this site so I can maybe share it with my students. (Sharing any of my writing with people in my daily life makes me uncomfortable, even though I’m usually socially fearless.) I set my other site to private for now because I’m not sure where I want to go with that. I’m all parts of me with you and not used to that. Your writing is strongly calling me down some unknown wonderful path creatively.

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      2. Good for the student. Hopefully you’ve instilled a love for poetry not just in that one student but others too. We can always point back to one or two teachers who made a difference in our lives. It must be a great feeling to know you WILL touch many students’ lives and will be thought of kindly many years hence.

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      3. I’m well liked. They know I love them. They meet my high standards while we laugh. I’m sure it’s all related. My joy and fulfillment with them keeps one chamber of my heart filled.

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      4. I post my writing on FB. The first time I posted I was nervous as heck; I don’t usually expose myself like that. But it was so freeing once I put it out there. I’m glad I did.
        Lately though, I’ve stayed off FB; I get tired of all the anger.

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      5. Friday is my short work day. Plus, I work at a different base, much closer to home. The atmosphere is so much more relaxed, without all the pressures of working at the Program office. Lunch break hours are a liiiiittle more relaxed here 🙂

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