My Catalan Love

Susanna Avila, my Catalan beauty, woman of Spain.
Coy smile held mystery,
Unknowable history,
Too briefly our souls entwined;
This beauteous love, my destiny.

Soulful gaze, emerald eyes piercing,
Black hair dancing with night,
Skin purest translucent white,
Slender and graceful, slim elfin form,
Delicate, raven-haired sprite.

Ivory shoulders, smooth marble breast,
Face fairer than Venus’ race,
Spirit virgin, chaste,
Ethereal, supernal essence;
Tender, enchanting embrace.

Siren’s call, whisp’ry-throated angel,
Voice soft as down,
Evoked heaven’s sound;
Breath of attar a wisp-like dream,
Innocent, her laughter resound.

Rapturous touch, clasp of hands,
Gentle sweet embrace,
Loving sensual taste,
Touch of warmth, lips soft and tender,
Ballet, and two hearts in grace.

A flight to the heavens, she gathered me to her,
Her desire held me grasping,
Love free and lasting,
Passion enveloped and lifted me,
Joyful, peaceful, basking.

When last I looked upon Susanna, so breathless and still,
Eyes closed in eternal rest,
Arms folded ‘cross breast,
Warm soul, memory now a ghost.
My own soul rent, empty and bereft.

Within and without, eternal surrounding,
Her presence will remain,
And deep lingering pain,
Her spirit yet soothe and caressing.
Susanna Avila, my Catalan beauty, woman of Spain.


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