Canvas Song – Haiku


from night fall raindrops
bursting notes on canvas sing
lullaby, good night

19 thoughts on “Canvas Song – Haiku

    1. I’m feeling my way through. I know the structure, but I’m reading up on Haiku and Haibun to learn what and how to write. I found couple websites yesterday that lay it out very well along with the history, etc. I’m having fun with it because my writing style seems to find Haibun a perfect fit.

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      1. I’m actually still working on my stream of consciousness. I think I have mastered absurdist and aesthetic writing to a low degree. After I get a professional flow and a personal technique then I’ll move on to more literary forms.

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      2. I really like haibun and will work in it a while. There’s a periodical accepting haibun submissions beginning Jan 15th. I’m going to try my luck.
        Good luck with your writing. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read so far.

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