Love Poem for Yoshi

Briefly here,

my love, then gone,

I’m left with

hollow, aching heart;

eleven years

are not enough,

though every

second count;

but the bitter

wind is cruel

that grays us,

and preys

upon regrets;

so many miles

we walked together,

Yoshi, you and I,

I with my head

in the clouds

and you,

running ahead

then pausing

to look back

as if to say

“hurry, the end is almost here.”

Yoshi_2017 Sep 25 (10)

32 thoughts on “Love Poem for Yoshi

  1. Sending love. I lost mine a couple months ago. Few things in life are harder than this. But few times are more beautiful than the ones we were so blessed to share with our beloved, furry family members. May you be reunited again. ❤

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      1. Will, you’re very welcome. I love dogs and I lost two of them so I know how you feel. I cried for three dogs when I lost the first one. It’s like losing a family member. Take care.

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