No Holds Barred; Poetry by Will

I don’t have the pain of some I know, though
Blood flows rather freely from my wounds;
Piercing the blister releases the fluid inside as
Pressure drains away and brings blessed

Relief; no, I tread that rocky, winding path
Atop the jagged, knife-edged mountain, the
Path that shows me either side at once–
Arid on one hand, thick lush vegetation on the

Other; occasionally, I step too close to an edge,
Loosing stones and pebbles in an avalanche that
Tumbles down like a harsh warning from the
Lifeguard that I’ve approached too near the deep

End; I’ve lingered among those who populate the
Arid, the shallows, the ones apt to breathe in
Whispers, those who echo blisters yet unopened,
Those who dither while toeing one side or the

Other; I’ve turned from the edge of the arid and
Plunged into thick, lush vegetation, scrambled
For a hand hold among the stones and pebbles I
Loosed in careless anticipation; with trepidation,

I pierced the blister that held me hostage and
Anchored to a crucifix of protection; I stepped
Freely into the deep end and found an inkwell
Full, paper fresh, a welcoming muse to guide me.



Image via Google Images: Mountain Adventures | Helvellyn Lake District 3000 footers

10 thoughts on “No Holds Barred; Poetry by Will

  1. I wrote ferociously AS I pierced my blister; it oozed and mixed with the ink. Now I’m a few steps into the lusher side, though I will always hold the view I now have from the apex. I hope there are muses on this other side, too… What an inspirational piece that speaks to where I’m at on my personal and creative journeys. This was the first poem that found me today, and I’ll stop here so I can take it with me (and not be late for work). Thank you for using and sharing your talents.

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