O, You Winsome Devil You

O, you winsome devil, you
Grinning face turned skyward
Round about your flaming head
Laughing rays around you rise

Seeding smiles in your eyes
I cannot escape your sight
Tho heaved my girth across the sky
Your taunting likeness follows

Aboil with rage and callow
Berating heat upon your face
You laugh and turn with me
In coy defiance of my dread

In darkness is my happy bed
But light the curse upon my brow
Cooler by degrees below
In night’s darkness you lie in wait

Gathering strength for bait
You soundlessly await in sleep
With drooping head and likely
Dreaming of my fraying nerves

When rising beyond the curve
I see your grinning face anew
Your happy visage irks my mind
While traveling round in boring view

Oh, go away you winsome devil, you
And leave me to my circuit, pray
Bask in my feeding warming glow
And live to grin another day.

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