Lonely and alone
You are seeking to atone
For sin not yet borne

2 thoughts on “Mental

  1. My personal interpretation/what these words mean to me… Sometimes we get too much in our heads, get too much in our own way, make too much out of “nothing” (to others), out of things that haven’t happened yet and may never happen, and this behavior keeps us frozen, held back, missing out in fear and self-destructive thinking/emotions, punishing ourselves unjustly. This kind of crowded mess in our heads can physically isolate us, or worse, mentally isolate us while surrounded by others.

    I also like the sound of this; in my head, the tone is rather ominous, but with the ending revealing the sin for which we are doing all this self-inflicted penance for hasn’t even occurred, the serious doom tone also reveals that we may have read it/felt it that way without just cause and how much our outlooks can affect us, acting as negative foreshadowing or seeds of hope, and how we can influence either one of those future outcomes.

    Mostly, it is amazing to me how a few words can say so much and mean such different things to different people. The power and joy of poetry! Happy to see you back, Will! 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Lady Laura. It’s good to be back 🙂 Your interpretation is spot on. I think I mentioned elsewhere how much I enjoy writing haiku for its compactness of writing but amplification of meaning. Haiku forces me to write tight, a habit and skill my prose writing needs.

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