After we parted
Having said our goodbyes
With breaking heart
And taste of metal
In my mouth
I walked
Unaware of everything but you
Through the afternoon
Into evening
Nighttime breeze cool
On my wet face
Never noticing
The sun had set

When I looked up and
Through the blur
There you were
The first one I saw
The first one I loved
My Cassiopeia
Five points
Of brightly shining starlight

Five points of starlight
Twinkle, twinkle little star
Wish, oh how I wish

8 thoughts on “Susanna

    1. It seemed to take forever to build up followers! I was stuck at ~165 since beginning my blog in 2013. Finally, about two years ago, I discovered that the key is to tag posts with keywords and make sure to read others’ posts and like and comment on them. My followers have grown from 165 to 1524 in two years; slow growth compared to some sites, but steady enough, although I’d love to be in the 5K+ realm. (There are people with 20K+!)

      Tags are similar to the index in a book, while categories are the chapters. If you go to the Reader, under the search bar you’ll see suggested tags: “Suggestions: happiness, writing, general.” I usually tag my posts with Poetry or Writing, Nature/Hiking, Love, or romance. I’ll tag a location too if it’s part of my post (Spain; Philippines, etc).

      The Reader is where you find the most recent posts from your followers and where they find you. I scroll through and read whatever catches my attention. Photos can draw readers in too, so don’t be reluctant to add a good photo (your own or a download). After going through the Reader, choose a tag and go there and read. I read poetry daily, and writing several times a week. I also tag literary agents to keep up with the publishing world and advice from agents.

      People respond in kind to likes and comments. It’s important to post regularly, too, so people remember you and look forward to your posts. It doesn’t take long to find out who your loyal followers are.

      Google “Search Engine Optimization (SEO)” for more advice.

      I hope this helps!


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