The Frog and the Granite Shore, Part I

I walked through a wood one summer’s day,
Afternoon light dappled a forest glade;
Lily pad in green-black pond and on it lay
A frog whose languid croak appeared to say,
As he scratched white belly in sun’s warm ray,
I shall not move on this hot summer’s day.



6 thoughts on “The Frog and the Granite Shore, Part I

  1. hallo there 👻✌️ I got the message 🙂 thx… yeah, it was a very long vacay, kind of 😂, but I’m on the track again. time to go thru posts and blogs, plus write, write write 📚💃
    how’s life on this end? ☕️

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    1. The new year is off to a great start! The final editing tweaks are finished and Honey Ko is ready to enter the published world via Amazon. I’m considering paying for marketing but I haven’t researched it and don’t know what the cost looks like. I’ll dig into that next weekend.
      Nice to see you back. I always miss my favorite writers when I need a fix for their posts 🙂

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