What do you feel when you kiss me?

What is in a kiss, William?
What do you mean, Susanna?
What do you feel when you kiss me?

I feel the sensual moisture of your mouth; the
Tender bumping of your nose; the
Tickle of your eyebrows, and the
Tingle in my toes;
I feel the texture of your lips, and the
Curve of Cupid’s bow;
I feel the softness of your cheeks; the
Radiance of your face; the
Burning of your passion; the
Sweetness of your taste; the
Freshness of your breath, as it
Billows through my soul; the
Thrill of serrate teeth across my tongue.

Ohh, William
Shhh, there’s more, Susanna

I suck ecstasy from your taste buds;
Shiver with the brush of silken hair;
I tongue the delicate helix, the
Graceful filigree of your ear;
I breathe the beauty of your neck, the
Woman in your hips;
I feel the curl of your toes on mine, and the
Ridges of your fingertips, as they
Trill along my spine;
I feel the pounding in your veins; the
Swelling of your charms;
The magnet of your Siren’s call;
I feel comfort in the shelter of your arms.

I love you, William
I love you, Susanna

4 thoughts on “What do you feel when you kiss me?

  1. I’ve found myself re-reading this, at the time I initially read it and also returning to it later. My initial reader-response is that it is beautiful: it is beautifully expressed, and it sounds beautiful in the way you have crafted it. It, of course, ends in the most beautiful way, too. My analytical side then wants to analyze the craft. But it’s not obvious, the formula that makes your word choice and placement so magical. I think it’s just your unique expression, the ability to actually feel profoundly and somehow transform the untransformable into words. It is a gift you have, evident in your novel Honey Ko as well, that rather bewitches the reader. Your pen does, indeed, write of us: it is what is inside of us, too, but you bring it out of us and translate it for us as well. I, for one, willfully submit and welcome your alpha spells. 🙂 ❤

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