Tokyo Bar Girl

How long did I know you
It was so long ago
You were a woman
I had yet to shave
I toed your waters
Afraid to dive in
You said come here
I was over my head

I was so young 
How little I knew
About love and loving
So little about you
But you were gentle
And when the time came
I told you I loved you 
And you laughed in my face

Not so fast you said
Love isn’t a race
Love isn’t timed
You just keep a good pace
You said love has a life
A life of its own
And I said that’s a lie
Love waits for no one

I don’t want to wait
I might die today
Or you might leave
And go your own way
Life is too short
You don’t want to push
But love won’t wait
I’m in for the rush

You gave in, you said
You’re in for the win, but
Don’t look too far ahead
You can live for the now
But you won’t live forever
I won’t anyhow, because there’s
The devil to pay when you
Play loose with love 

We fell together
And it lasted all night
When I awoke I felt all right
And you naked beside me
Eyes closed tight
Your lips rubbed red
Your black hair reflected
Dew drops in the sun’s rising light
Porcelain skin trembled
Under my caress
When you parted your lips
With my gentle press
We kissed again
And you shivered
Looking down at me
Your eyes hot with life

I grew up so fast
That night was so short
How deep you went 
How far I swam
Love didn’t wait
And love didn’t hurry
Love didn’t worry
But kept its own pace

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