She Called Me Honey

because she thought I was the only one who loved her
Just seeing you was enough
to bring me back to life
your smile so bright and
sweet your hugs most likely
to sweep me off my feet
and spear my soul with the
love you saved for me tho’

I never knew how deeply
wounded the spirit I knew
as charming and warm
inviting me inside to sit and
sip the stuff of life while the
worm you cherished chipped
away the bottled glass that

hid the life you led so far
apart from me and separated
by a sea so wide that only
death could bridge the
chasm’d golden sheen of the
vessel that came between the
laughs we used to share

when we lived our lives
without a care or thought
of what would happen
when virtue flew away
and in slipped vice to take
possession of the soul whose
beauty died alone, alone,

alone but for the sibling
heart that breaks in two
pieces of you reside within
that place you still upon
a pedestal that faces either
way depending on the day
birthday deathday oh that

someday when my soul
ascend and once again
find home again in hugs and
kisses and honeyed smiles
from the one who cherished
the one who cherished her
who uttered the tragic cry
“Why her? Why not I?”
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7 thoughts on “She Called Me Honey

    1. Thank you, Kris. When the inevitable divorce came, all the people she thought were her friends abandoned her. Superficial friends, I guess, friends of the husband.
      I miss our phone calls, the scathing gossip, out of control laughter, and the “Goodbye, Honey.” She was a beautiful soul despite the bottle.

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