Accronish? LOL πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

The post below was written by a Navy buddy of mine, Ronnie Deschenes. We served together in VP-8 aboard NASB. He was an ABH while I was an AMS. We both enlisted as SRs and promoted to PO2 by the time we left the SQDN. He lives in MA now but still visits ME on occasion. Luv U Bro!
SRSL!! (Show Ronnie Some Love!)

“How often have we heard the phrase “words to live by”? The fact is we live by the letters not the words. Obviously we need the letters to form the words faithful reader, but that’s not what I mean. Any more it seems we hardly speak English but rather a modified “Accronish”. (Don’t look that up – it’s one of mine). Now with text messaging so common, we abbreviate everything. IDKY (That’s “I don’t know why” for you older folks on SSI.)

I was watching TV today. Well not actually TV. I bought a VCR a few years ago so I could keep up with the times and still see the shows I wanted to watch when I wanted to watch them. I like NCIS, CSI, and CSI NY. Then I started to watch movies on it. Mostly ones rated PG or R. But then I got divorced and had to leave it with my X. Before long I found I needed a DVD player instead of a VCR anyway. I went to get one and the guy – “Steve” I think his name was- sold me one that plays CDs too. I figured that would be good because I like to listen to U2 and REM, but not so much Run DMC. Anyway, I couldn’t set it up because I have ADHD and I got distracted. But persistence paid off and I got it done thanks to my OCD. Now I needed to go get a movie. Had to stop at the ATM for cash. It’s on M Street between the MSPCA and Mc D’s.

I saw guy in an IROC with a T-top. He was pulling out of I-HOP. His radio was so loud I could hear the DJ telling everyone what a “kool” station WJM* is. I don’t listen to that station I think they’re AFU. Not at all sure he could hear on the I Phone he was talking on either. Then he made a U turn which hardly conformed to the letter of the law. In the process he almost hit an SUV and the driver was so POed he screamed “FU” even louder than the radio.

Now-a-days, things are measured by their letters. How many BTUs is that AC? Make sure you have enough PSI in your tires and make sure you warm up your ATV before revving the RPMs. Or it will break and you’ll have to walk. Maybe I’d loose a few LBs. ATVs are fun but I would rather go RVing maybe to WY or all the way to CA.

One place I would never visit is the USSR. The weather there I think would trigger an attack. I have asthma and COPD for which I am on FMLA With frequent visits to my PCP, for which I have an HMO.

Gonna polish off this last IPA, shut down my PC, and then it’s off to bed I GTG catch some Z’s. It’s 8:48 EST. TTYL.


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