I Remember the Sunset at Tarifa

You said I love you, and I said I love you

Photo Credit: Will Pennington

I remember the time we drove to Malaga and stopped in Tarifa along the way. We parked at the little cervecería just off the highway by the Roman ruins and walked to the beach. After a while when we were hot we sat on the rocks at Cabo de Gracia under the waterfall and laughed as the water fell on us and cooled us off again. Then, since we didn’t want to leave, we bought those little 7 ounce bottles of Cruzcampo and some tapas from the vendor and then, sitting on our blanket, watched the sun slowly sink into the sea

I remember you lay back and I lay on my side next to you, leaning my head on my hand and I traced my fingers along your skin and it tickled you but you didn’t stop me

I remember how your deep black hair melted into the night sky until all I could see clearly was your face and how white your teeth were when your lips parted and I pressed my lips to yours, and you sighed — we both sighed at the coming together of two spirits so deeply in love and so finely in tune with the other

I remember feeling the stars on my back and the swirling of cosmic clouds as they enveloped us and lifted us into another galaxy, another universe  — yes, another universe, because one universe was too little to contain the pounding of our hearts every time we breathed hard into each others’ face and our breaths held the fragrance of passion, the fragrance of life and love and the lust for a life of love together

I remember how I lay back so you could feel the stars on your back and I felt the soft pressing of your body on mine, your breasts, your belly, your mound, your legs, your feet, and your warmth and wet and how you wrapped around me and pulled me in and how I always marveled at the soft tenderness of your parting lips

I remember thinking I should pinch myself to see if I were dreaming and then you whispered in my ear that you wondered if you were dreaming and would I pinch you to see if it were so and how you jumped and said I didn’t have to pinch so hard, and we laughed then and again we floated among the cosmic clouds as though it really were a dream we didn’t want to end

I remember coming together in that climactic merging of two into one, that starburst of energy and giving and receiving, that ecstatic expression of the human love, that seconds long union with the Creator of all things, and how I was holding onto you so tightly because I didn’t want to ever let go of you, and after a while, after our heartbeats slowed and our passion settled into a comfortable buzzing halo that cocooned us in a chrysalis of contentment, you said “I love you” and I said “I love you”

I remember waking to your tap on my shoulder when I fell asleep with my lips pressed to your neck and I raised up so you could breathe again and you kept your arms tight around me so I could never leave your side

I remember.

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