The Fallen Spring Anew

Photo Credit: Pixabay Crisscrossing lines and frenzied edges web-faced leaves sap weak appendages fading glory amid crinkled sparkle cheeky gleam recalls the marvel of the sprouting when the seedling grew from dark moist soil nourished, renew anew another pass again among the rest and ring upon ring on ring ring on and on and the circle grew and grew and with the growth of bark … Continue reading The Fallen Spring Anew


The morning temperature of fifty-nine degrees represents a departure from the norm in Southern Maryland. Typically, it’s warm and humid, and folks look forward to another day of oppressive Mid-Atlantic heat. However, I will enjoy the comfortable weather since Mother Nature has a sense of humor and may send the temperature back to normal, or even higher, tomorrow. The cooler weather reminds me autumn is around … Continue reading Seasons