The Fallen Spring Anew

If you would like to listen
Photo Credit: Pixabay

Crisscrossing lines and frenzied edges
web-faced leaves sap weak appendages
fading glory amid crinkled sparkle
cheeky gleam recalls the marvel of

the sprouting when the seedling grew
from dark moist soil nourished, renew
anew another pass again among the
rest and ring upon ring on ring ring on

and on and the circle grew and grew
and with the growth of bark and climb
of lifesap craning to plant the crown
of living glory the verdant headpiece

at last burning burning feeds the
yearning for release and stretch stretch
and branch away in lengths of sinew
mighty tendons tensioned taut with

blood to hold the whole within from
rooted arms embracing mother earth’s
embrace of beating hearts and minds
awake and racing on to thrive alive and

breathe breathe to live to leaf and love
to engage the light that powers song
within the crowded crowing crown alive
with sound that chirps and peeps with

life to share and sweeten there the puzzle
sky of green and blue that softens sound
that drops and sings a song that drip drip
drips from leaf to leaf to leaf then drop

drop drops to fresh the womb of fertile
soil that nourishes the growth of all and
the fallen spring anew in bursts of colored
sprouts of flowered beauty that grace

our beloved earthen space

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