San Diego: Almost Home

Point Loma from NAS North Island, CA. 1986 Photo Credit: Will Pennington My business trip with the Navy to San Diego last week was like going home. The joy began when, while riding the bus to the rental car center, I spotted the USS Carl Vinson — my last ship — tied up at North Island. Ohh, the memories. USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70). Photo Credit: US Navy/Mass Communication Specialist … Continue reading San Diego: Almost Home

Paris in Pearls, Chapter Six, by Jackie

Please read and enjoy this next chapter in Jackie’s wonderful story of romance in Paris ❤ As I rounded the third flight of stairs to my apartment, a woman, balancing groceries on one knee, stood fidgeting with her keys, trying to unlock her door. “Here, let me help you.” I reached out and took the bags. “Merci, Madame.” She unlocked the door and ushered me … Continue reading Paris in Pearls, Chapter Six, by Jackie

Paris in Pearls, Chapter Five, by Jackie

Please read and enjoy this lovely story by Jackie ❤ The sun peeked through the slates of the closed shutters, glazing the walls of my bedroom with morning light. I threw back the covers, flew to the window and opened the shutters. To my delight, the city lay blanketed in white, like a cotton field back home. A late snow the weather man later called … Continue reading Paris in Pearls, Chapter Five, by Jackie

Canvas Song – Poetry: Haibun

  Urban din recedes in anticipation of approaching quiet; homeward bound vacationers whish south in reluctant pursuit. Tires clack-clack on expansion joints as Molly Pitcher offers a garden of rest. “Push on, push on,” cried ancestors in covered wagons as winter’s snows crept near. But here, now, summer falls away in flittering drops of leaves and Autumn’s temperatures bring relief from insects, heat, and labor. … Continue reading Canvas Song – Poetry: Haibun