The Girl in 16E

My heart is breaking, coming apart in pieces
I see the top of her head, seventeen-thousand heartbeats away
We spoke in line, waiting for the call to board
She stood next to me, reading mail on her phone
I pretended, under the spell of her nearness, to be her boyfriend and
Stood close so others would not jostle her
We laughed and joked, silliness between two strangers
She reached to my shoulder, but her smile towered over me
Others turned and stared, grim faces until she laughed
The beauty of her heart captured in her face
I hope she leaves her seat; will she see my heart in my face?
I’ll run to catch her in Saint Paul
Maybe we’re going the same way
Maybe she’ll walk slow, hoping I will chase her
Maybe she’ll let me carry her suitcase
Maybe she’ll take my arm
Airport crushes leave the sweetest bruise.

22 thoughts on “The Girl in 16E

  1. I’ve had this happen! Oh, not with crushes, but with people. You meet and share everything under the sun, it seems, and then…POOF! you are gone. Your words perfectly put this experience into something anyone can enjoy!

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    1. Thank you, Kris! I wrote this longhand in the air. In fact, because my cursive writing is so bad, I wrote it eight times! I finished the final draft a few minutes before we landed in Minneapolis. The best draft I folded in half and placed in my pocket. I intended to give it to her, along with my web address, and let her know she inspired it and to check it out in its final form. Alas, because I was in 33A, I was unable to find her in the massiveness of the airport – and I had a three hour layover to search!
      As you wrote, a lifetime can be shared with a stranger in a few minutes, just as in a dream. Then it ends and you feel deflated and sad.
      Oh, and it was actually 16E. Poor thing: I had her sitting on the floor 🙂

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  2. Wonderful story Will. I always enjoy you stories and adventures but for some reason you have not been appearing on my reader list. I had a email change and have lost some of blogs I have been following. Thank for visiting my blog allowing me to, hopefully, reconnect.

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  3. Thank you. I thoroughly enjoy your posts and photos, too. I try to review my followers’ posts daily, but sometimes I am so busy it may take a few days to catch up. As long as you post, I’ll be a fan 🙂


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