Ode to Orion (or Mechanic’s Lament)

Great metal Goddess, mined from deepest earth, Forged in blazing flame, molded, beaten, formed at birth; Measured, cut, and riveted, assembled frame by frame, The beauty of this graceful beast, too marvelous to tame; Glorious vision, Orion, strong upon Her legs, Pins of solid steel, shining sliding shock absorbing pistons beg Disbelief that such a being could be wrought by hand of man; Her might … Continue reading Ode to Orion (or Mechanic’s Lament)

Pitching to Agents: My Duh Moment

Hello lovely people,   I received another polite frownie-button rejection email today. That brings me to five rejections from twenty-two submissions. That’s okay, though. I never expected my journey to be easy, and I expected rejections. That’s the way it is.   However, rejection doesn’t have to lead to dejection. I may feel otherwise if I reach one-hundred submissions without having an agent fly to … Continue reading Pitching to Agents: My Duh Moment

Pitching to Agents: Lessons Learned

Dear lovely people, I’ve submitted my query letter for Honey Ko to twenty-two literary agents  since May 9th. I’ve received four rejections so far, which is pretty good considering all agency websites inform you that, due to the high volume of submissions, they cannot respond to every submission. They tell you they can only respond if they want the writer to provide more information, as … Continue reading Pitching to Agents: Lessons Learned

Lives, Like Vines

Flying across this land, greeting the coming dawn, Far below a network of highways, Homes, rivers and byways, Cars, trucks, and trains rolling on and on. People down there moving about, specks like ants fretting, Purpose in each, What? Out of reach, Lives, like vines, strands sprouting and spreading. I think of my own people, homes left behind, Covered wagons filled, Treasures of life’s yield, The … Continue reading Lives, Like Vines