Susanna Avila V

Why do you love me, William?

Because you’re beautiful, Susanna.

Is that the only reason?

Because you’re a perfect fit in my arms.

What else?

Because I can carry you as I run.


You weigh less than a feather, Susanna.


Because you’re a wonderful cook.


Because you meet me at the door when I come home from work.

Because you sing when you cook.

Because you sing when you shower.

So do you.

Shhh. This is about you.


Because my heart aches when you leave the room.

Because I miss your voice while you sleep.

Because your touch is warm on my skin.

Because I can’t go to sleep until I know you’re beside me.

Because I feel you even when I can’t see you.

Because I think of you during meetings.

Because you make my lunch every day.

Because you know what my favorite things are.

Because you put me first in all things.

Because you give me confidence.

Because you make me feel like a man.

Because you bring me iced tea while I mow the yard.

Because you give me only one gift at Christmas.

Because you know what I need before I know.

Because you know me better than I know myself.

Because you took my heart when we met.

Because you make me whole.

Because you are my soul.

Because I never knew love until I knew you.

Because you gave yourself to me completely.

Because you love the Beatles too.

Because you make my heart sing.

Because you’re beautiful.

You said that already.

Did I?


Well, saying it twice means it’s doubly true.

Can a person be doubly beautiful, William?

Only you, Susanna.

Can a truth be doubly true, William?

Only true love, Susanna.

How so.

Two people must be truly in love.

How do they know they are truly in love?

Because they have given themselves completely to one another.

How do they do that, William?

Because they were in love with one another from the day they were born, Susanna.

How is that possible?

Because they both understand that love is the gift of giving one’s self unreservedly to another, that the giving of love is also the receiving of love, and that the spiritual renewal from the physical act is possible only after the giving up of self to one another.

I love you, William.

I love you, Susanna.

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