Susanna Avila VI

What is in a kiss, William?
What do you mean, Susanna?
What do you feel when you kiss me?

I feel the sensual moisture of your mouth; the
Tender bumping of your nose; the
Tickle of your eyebrows, and the
Tingle in my toes;
I feel the texture of your lips, and the
Curve of Cupid’s bow;
I feel the softness of your cheeks; the
Radiance of your face; the
Burning of your passion; the
Sweetness of your taste; the
Freshness of your breath, as it
Billows through my soul; the
Thrill of serrate teeth across my tongue.

Ohh, William
Shhh, there’s more, Susanna

I suck ecstasy from your taste buds;
Shiver with the brush of silken hair;
I tongue the delicate helix, the
Graceful filigree of your ear;
I breathe the beauty of your neck, the
Woman in your hips;
I feel the curl of your toes on mine, and the
Ridges of your fingertips, as they
Trill along my spine;
I feel the pounding in your veins; the
Swelling of your charms;
The magnet of your Siren’s call;
I feel comfort in the shelter of your arms.

I love you, William
I love you, Susanna

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