The Coffee House Around the Corner

I long for intimate conversation

Two people,
Leaning over cups of coffee.
A small table in the coffee house
Around the corner.

Eyes only for each other,
Oblivious to the buzz of life surrounding them.
She smiles.

I love the way her lips curl,
The delicate filigree of her ear,
Revealed when she brushes her hair back,
The fragrant puff of breath as she laughs
At my silly joke.

His eyes penetrate me, and
I forget the background
Hum of conversation, the
Aroma of fresh-brewed coffee and croissants.
A warm cocoon envelopes them,
Separating them
From the world outside, isolation
For a few precious moments
From the breathing of seven billions of others.

Their whispered words are trivial,
Pointless sweet nothings that say little, but
Bring intimacy to the brief,
Peaceful interlude in their otherwise busy day.

The level of sound rises and falls the
Way the ocean does when it plays upon the beach,
But I hear your every word.
This moment between us,
This back and forth passing of heartbeats,
This world in which only we two exist.
This lifetime of romance,
Lasting the space of a cup of coffee,
Our island of joy in an ocean of indifference.

A crash of coffee cups jolts them
From their enchanting dream state, and
He feels a rush of sadness – it’s in her eyes, too –
That this momentary bond between two hearts,
Two loves,
Two humans,
Has ended and they must re-enter the
Chaos of their lives.

They will meet again,
‘Til then,
He cherishes the memory of her smile,
Her breath,
Her ear,
Her scent,
His step light,
His head in the clouds,
His heart in his smile.

3 thoughts on “The Coffee House Around the Corner

  1. That was very touching! Thank you for the beautiful poem. I know exactly how what you described feels like. And I particularly liked the flow of the poem.

    Liked by 1 person

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