I have a difficult time accepting the pseudo-intellectual elite’s (let us call them PIEs) rants against the President. They, as all American citizens, have the right to speak out in protest against his policies. They are as affected by decisions made in Washington, DC as the ninety-nine percent of  Americans not making millions of dollars every year to act, sing and dance, track your online movements, put small business out of business, tell you what to think,  and otherwise pat you on your poor, uninformed little head.

However, this small percentage of Americans, who wield an inordinately powerful influence over America’s future and its culture, is isolated from the everyday lives of people like you and me who slog it out at our jobs and commutes, and look with dread at the rapid approach of April 15th every year. Tech giants, actors and entertainers, and television talking heads are catered to, adored, and worshiped; their merchandise is sought and bought; and their rings and derrières kissed by consumers and producers alike. They live among their kind, party among their kind, and whine among their kind. Many of them come to believe their own press and favor those who call them righteous.

PIEs don’t understand why America turned against their industries’ commandeering of society, and their moralizing pronouncements. PIEs don’t understand why everyday Americans told them thanks-but-no-thanks and took back control of America’s future. PIEs don’t understand why commoners like you and me no longer want to kiss the ring. PIEs are aghast that the unwashed masses don’t trust the words that spring from their talking mouths and vacuous intellects. They wonder what we don’t like about the brave new world they offer us.new-look-snobs-nightclub-in-birmingham-7

Americans decided at the last election that they didn’t like the direction the country was headed. They decided that all Americans are equal and none above the law; they decided they love America’s culture, and that those coming from other countries should respect America’s culture and assimilate, rather than demand America change its culture to accommodate the one they fled; the uninformed American said I want my job back, not given to someone who doesn’t have the courtesy to enter America legally, or the moral courage to stay and fight for their own country.

Flyover country decided it didn’t appreciate PIEs flicking their noses at them and flipping them the bird. Flyover country – the breadbasket of America – told PIEs they are tired of feeding their causes and crusades, having their pockets picked to support those who choose not to work, and profiting those whose morals stand in direct opposition to their own. The America PIEs hold in such contempt told PIEs they are held in greater contempt and no longer trusted. Flyover America told PIEs they love the America their ancestors fought and died for and will not allow PIEs to turn it into another failed Utopian dream where all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others. Flyover America said we don’t believe, trust, or want your global Utopia dream.c37fe13b67b3ec9d8da81b3422649363

Flyover America said we have the right to choose our leaders and we exercised that right. Flyover America is telling its would-be masters that if they can’t accept the will of the people and wish the President success in guiding the nation to peace and prosperity, at least do this much: shut your PIE-holes.

7 thoughts on “PIE-holes

  1. Not really sure I am following, but perhaps I am not the intended audience.

    I live in suburbia, so not exactly fly-over America, and I can only dream of being rich enough to not have to go to work tomorrow.

    I do believe government has avoided the will of the people for a long time, using tactics such a gerrymandering to keep themselves in power.

    Yet, I also don’t believe an old-money billionaire on his third wife and living in a golden penthouse represents me or my middle-class beliefs, either. Especially based on his cabinet choices that predominantly represent the top 1%, most of whom have no record of public service. Makes me think their motives are less than altruistic, but time will tell.

    At this point, I’m on board with whatever will make government more responsive to all of us and preserve our republic.

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    1. I respect that and understand. I had my doubts about Trump, but two things about him stand out to me; he’s doing what he said he would; and he strikes me as a guy like me who just happens to be a billionaire. He doesn’t act above the rest of us, and he doesn’t care if the Elite accept him. I’m willing to give him a chance and my support. The people spoke. Thanks for your comment! 🌹❤

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  2. Your ending was very clever. Didn’t see it coming! There’s nothing in what you wrote with which I can disagree.

    My overall impression of politics in the U.S. Is not a good one. It seems that stalemate is being promoted…”If my side paints the other side as wrong and potentially harmful, then my constituents will contribute to my campaign.”

    So then as a politician I am served financially by not serving the people. (This is sort of like my thinking behind some non-profit organizations are concerned…If they irradiate the problem they are crusading to end, then they are all out of a job!)

    I think many of us were wearied by the status quo and are hoping that President Trump will break the logjam and get things moving again.

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