Susanna VIII

Why do you torture me, Susanna?

It is not I, William.

It must be. I feel you watching me. I feel you watching me.

No, William, I’m not here. I’m dead. You know that.

Yes. I killed you. I left you in the cold and the rain.

No, my love. I died of pneumonia in the hospital after the car accident.

I couldn’t find my way back, Susanna. I was lost. When I found you again, the rain was pouring in torrents. You were standing on the steps of the Cathedral. You were so wet, Susanna, so cold and wet.

Yes, and I was angry too. But my anger passed, William.

I only came to see you once in the hospital. You were alone while your friends had company. My heart almost broke for you.

I was so happy when I saw you. Remember how I leaped from the bed and ran to you and jumped into your arms?

Yes, Susanna. I remember the brush of your gown. I remember the smell of orange blossoms as your hair swept across my face. I feel your body now, Susanna, in my arms, and the softness of your lips. I taste the salt of your tears.

You are lonely, William.

Yes, Susanna.

You mustn’t feel lonely, my love.

No, Susanna. But I miss you. I lived a life with you in my dreams. I died when you died, Susanna.

I lived a life with you in my dreams too, William. But you must go on living. You will have a life with someone else, but you must first forget me.

I’m afraid.

Of what are you afraid, my love?

I’m afraid of losing you again, Susanna.

Oh, William. I will always walk beside you. I will always be with you. Someday we will walk together again.

Truly, Susanna?

Truly, William.

I love you, Susanna.

I love you, William.

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