Mr. Grundy’s English Class

I often see writers use the term “aircrafts” when referring to two or more aircraft. “Aircraft” is the correct term for both singular and plural cases.

Example the first: “The aircraft flew until it ran out of fuel. Then it made a sudden landing.”

Example the second: “The aircraft were parked wingtip to wingtip making them easy targets for strafing by treacherous seagulls.

It’s one of those wonderfully wacky word usages that make English so much fun 🙂

11 thoughts on “Mr. Grundy’s English Class

      1. Besides Miss. Grundy from Archie comics, my High School English teacher was David Grundy. He was the first person to compliment me on my writing and mentor me in school. I never forgot that. I’ve looked for him, but he seems to have moved to a desert island without internet.

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