Susanna XI

Playfully, we spoke the words, “until death do us part,”
She laughed, and her smile tugged at my heart,
Will you love me in sickness and in health, she asked,
Yes, my love, will you love me in poverty and in wealth?
Of course, she said, her head tilted to one side,
I’ll love you, you know, beyond the end of time;

She turned her head and coughed, her body wracked with pain,
Her long black hair hung well below her waist; outside, it rained.

She said, will you walk beside me through all that life may bring?
When I’m tired, hurt, and angry will you wait until I sing?
I will, my love, if you understand the silence behind my back,
The shoulder shrugs, the hard cold stares, the love I seem to lack;
Yes, I’ll be there when your shoulders bow beneath the weight of the world,
I’ll stand beside you, heart to heart, as our hopes and dreams unfurl.

She gasped for breath then, her white face paled in the darkness,
Her green eyes dimmed, I turned my head, my eyes a misty mess.

I’m tired, my love, her voice a raspy whisper, I must lie down,
Her face was drawn, forehead beaded with sweat, I helped her with her gown,
So tiny and frail, lighter than a feather, she barely touched the bed,
I caressed her cheeks; next to her lips her pillow dotted red,
I kissed her gently and tucked her in, but she stopped me with a touch,
Hold me, my love, pick me up and hold me, my strength is not enough;

I held her close, fingers ‘twined in mine, I cried in the darkness of our room,
I whispered in her ear, until death do us part; I had not known we would part so soon.

16 thoughts on “Susanna XI

      1. Yes. It is funny, though. I’ll be knee deep in it and then suddenly the language changes and I find I’m on the coral reef and it is uncomfortable til I swim off again.

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  1. I’m sooooooooo into the story, but at the same time admiring your craft. I started commenting/chatting with you because of your craft: I am a literary snob. I just peruse the WP Reader, but rarely follow anyone or socialize. I only go crazy when I find a diamond in the rough writing that meets my unfair high standards as a reader AND the writer seems of decent character. It’s a short list. I feel guilty that I slink away from good people because they’re writing makes me cringe, and I don’t want to have to fake it (gosh, that sounds bad). While I’m on the subject, me being a fan of you does not have to be reciprocal. I write a gazillion-word comments sometimes because I actually enjoy responding to others’ writing. I like it. Like doing grammar quizzes. I’m a geek. I would imagine the recipient would like it, too, because I’m usually mega fangirling over your work, but it’s all sincere. Normally, I wouldn’t blow up someone’s notifications, but you said go for it… I’m taking a big break from you tomorrow though. I must ground myself from your words until I get my work done that I failed to do all week because of your words.

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    1. I held off responding until I thought you were worn out 😉 I’m glad you stuck around. Yes, I am a fan. we speak from the same parts of the heart. I’m not big on long comments (I think I’m lazy that way); I just try to let the writer know their work is appreciated and loved.
      Thank you for filling my heart with joy. I wish you moonlighted as a literary agent 🙂
      Don’t be gone too long; I may have withdrawals!

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      1. Lol, I had to pee and make popcorn for dinner. I’ve been psyching myself up for work before play tomorrow. Tonight’s all play, though. (At home reading and writing, lol. I know how to live it up on a Friday night!)

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